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Watch and Learn from Sarah and TJ every week as they share their trade set ups, market analysis and most importantly, tips to help you trade better than ever. Each episode will share the realities of trading options and the markets. You will hear tips and tricks by retail traders, for retail traders. Yes, finally a show that delves in to trading for people just like you! We are well known around the world for a consistent approach to the market with a down to earth approach to trading. We believe that anyone can trade, but you need to have access to real trading information without the gimmicks, which is why we do what we do, to help retail traders. If you want to get right to meat of trading, this show is for you.
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May 6, 2016

We have rounded the turn on our first six months of the SheCanTrade Podcast with Sarah Potter, and we begin the second half of our first year with a look at the market, which Sarah feels is due for a slight pull back....and then she makes a prediction what will happen when the S&P 500 Futures Index re-approaches the 2100 level of past resistance. Listen to find out what Sarah thinks could happen sometime this year! Also, we resume the coaching program with co-host Thomas Miller, who has been doing his trading homework, and is adopting one of Sarah's favorite patterns in a commodity market. Fasten your seat belt for a fast ride and learn one of Sarah's key market direction indicators and short-term timing methods as well. Sarah is an excellent coach and it appears Thomas is becoming a pretty good student as well. Perhaps this "assignment" is something you can put to practice in your own Trading Plan, and have Shecantrade review your trading plan.