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Watch and Learn from Sarah and TJ every week as they share their trade set ups, market analysis and most importantly, tips to help you trade better than ever. Each episode will share the realities of trading options and the markets. You will hear tips and tricks by retail traders, for retail traders. Yes, finally a show that delves in to trading for people just like you! We are well known around the world for a consistent approach to the market with a down to earth approach to trading. We believe that anyone can trade, but you need to have access to real trading information without the gimmicks, which is why we do what we do, to help retail traders. If you want to get right to meat of trading, this show is for you.
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Jan 28, 2016

Description:  This week is a special interview with Sarah and Scott Andrews, Co-Founder and CEO of Investiquant ( - an innovative financial services company helping traders and active investors achieve their goals using robust historical market analysis and quantified edges. Prior, he co-founded 'Master The Gap' and SciQuest (symbol: SQI), which he took public as CEO. Mr. Andrews earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina and served as an Army Aviator after graduating from West Point (USMA). This is an informative podcast that will resonate with traders on any level.

Jan 16, 2016

It's been another volatile week in the markets but last week was quite a profitable one in the Shecantrade trading room. In Episode 13, we discuss how to approach the volatility from a price movement standpoint, looking at how stocks move individually. Sarah had several profitable trades last week. We review trades she made on Facebook, McDonald's and Macy's.

Jan 9, 2016

In the first Shecantrade podcast of 2016, we explore the market volatility that closed 2015 and has extended into 2016. This certainly affects options trading and Sarah shares some of her initial thoughts on how to approach the new year. These are times to be cautious and respect what is going on, so the best place to hang out is to join us in the live trading room at's where we will be able to best consider each day's unique characteristics and adapt to the strategy for the week as it unfolds.